Cultural Travel and “Insider” Connections with AdventureWomen

At AdventureWomen, we believe wholeheartedly in the transformational power of travel.

In fact, AdventureWomen was founded with women’s empowerment in mind, and we have been deepening our commitment to this goal ever since. When all the right elements are in place, travel can broaden your horizons, allow you to connect deeply with your fellow travelers, and bridge cultural differences with the people you meet in the places you visit.

Indeed, one of the best ways to make the most of your adventure travel tours with us is to become fully immersed in a new culture, get off the beaten path, and interact with other women who live and work in our destinations. These “insider” interactions highlight the power and resilience of women around the world who are entrepreneurs, local leaders, culinary experts, artists, and everything in between and allow you to build meaningful connections with other women. Over the years, we’ve discovered that more often than not, it is these types of cultural experiences that stand out most to our guests and they’re one of the best reasons to travel with us! On an AdventureWomen trip, you have the unique opportunity to participate in small-group, intimate “women-to-women” experiences that you likely won’t find anywhere else.

“Adventure Women has literally opened up a whole new world of travel for me.…This company has carved out a true niche—offering fascinating destinations for women to actively explore, bringing us into the heart of the culture (cooking, art, folk crafts, music) and finding unique ways for us to experience the natural landscapes (walks/hikes, bicycling, horseback/camel riding).” -Rodica W.

Nearly every women’s travel itinerary we offer includes at least one opportunity for a unique women-to-women experience. Sometimes it’s hard to choose between them, but here are a few of our 2019 favorite “insider” opportunities to connect with other women on our travels:

India: Join In the Fun at Holi, the Festival of Colors

We can’t think of a destination that offers more in the way of cultural exploration, opportunities for “women-to-women” interactions, and insider access to truly unique adventures. As an example, one highlight of our March 2019 women’s trip to India is the ancient Hindu tradition of Holi, or the Festival of Colors. Holi’s roots lie in the Hindu legend of Holika, a female demon. The festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil, love, and the beginning of spring. It’s so much fun – you will join a local family to play, dance, laugh, and eat together, and best of all you get to throw vibrantly colored powders all over your fellow Adventure Women.

Holi, the Festival of Colors, is a religious festival in India, celebrated, with the color powders, during the spring.

Italy: Connect to Local Culture Through Dance and Cuisine

This active trip bicycling through Puglia in Southern Italy is so much more than just a cycling adventure! We are so excited about everything this trip has to offer. Besides sampling (and learning how to make) some of Italy’s best food and wine as you cycle through the scenic Italian countryside, you get to learn two local folklore dances: the Pizzica and the Tarantella. These are exotic Italian dances that were believed to be a cure for the bite of a Lycosa tarantula (symbolic of a life crisis). Sometimes these dances were performed solo by the victim; more often, they were performed by a couple or two friends. The dances served as festive social occasions that brought the community together. You don’t have to be coordinated or a dancer to enjoy this – these dances are as much fun to watch as they are to perform. Read about the history of these dances in The Land of Remorse: A Study of Southern Italian Tarantism – then experience it firsthand on the trip!

Peru: Dive Into Cuyani Culture, Weaving Traditions, & Inca History

Last but not least are the unique highlights of our June 2019 trip to the Peruvian Amazon and Machu Picchu, with a special visit to the breathtaking Sacred Valley, once the heart of the Inca Empire.

On this Peru adventure, you’ll experience firsthand a typical day in the life of the Cuyuni people – harvesting potatoes with them, learning about their current and ancestral traditions. Did you know that the potato originated in ancient Peru, dating back to 400 BC, and they played a vital role in Inca culture as they do today. The Inca people used potatoes to treat injuries and believed that they made childbirth easier.

You will also take a hands-on class from a Peruvian master weaver, learning about the profound historical and cultural significance of textiles and textile-making in Peruvian culture. Throw in experiencing Peru’s acclaimed cuisine, exploring the ruins and history of Machu Picchu, and plenty of jungle exploration, and you’ll come home with a whole new outlook on this fascinating destination!

A final perpetual favorite for “women to women” fun is visiting Morocco – one of our signature trips – departing March and November 2019!

We love highlighting these unique “insider” interactions in 2019 and hope you’ll enjoy one of them yourself as you plan your upcoming travel for next year.