Making Travel A 2017 New Year’s Resolution

It’s nearing the end of January, so we hope you are still able to keep (or are you struggling to keep?) your 2017 New Year’s resolutions. Naturally, there are the usual suspects: eat healthier food, exercise more, get more organized, and spend more time with family. But while these are all noble goals, why not make a resolution to travel more in 2017? Research has shown, after all, travel makes you happier.

Besides being happier, there are lots of other great reasons why you should resolve to travel more this year. Here are our favorites:

Visit a beautiful place that may not be around forever. It feels like the world is changing much faster than it used to. Some extraordinary places may drastically change or disappear in a very short period of time, so you might want to visit and appreciate them while you still can. Traveling to Baffin Island for example, featured in the National Geographic Channel’s documentary Before the Flood, is the perfect 2017 resolution. With the Earth reaching its highest temperature on record for the third year in a row, the Arctic is somewhere to visit now. And haven’t you always wanted to see polar bears and icebergs?

Challenge yourself. If you’re going to travel, why not try something new and maybe even a little bit daring? By pushing yourself to try a hike you never thought you could do, get on skis for the first time, or visit a destination you would never have dreamed of going solo to, you’ll come home with a triumphant feeling that you can conquer anything – even that pesky resolution to “exercise more”.

Make lifelong friends. When you’re in a brand new place trying new things, you need the support of others as you push yourself outside of your comfort zone. When you travel with other women and have new experiences, you’ll all become closer after sharing the transformational experience of travel. It’s a story you’ll hear over and over from AdventureWomen travelers – traveling on your own in the supportive camaraderie of other women is so rewarding! You will likely come home with new friends who, best of all, love to travel and push themselves in the same ways you do!

If those aren’t enough reasons for you to resolve to travel more in 2017, try these:

Polar she-bear with cubs. A Polar she-bear with two small bear cubs on the snow. The polar bear (Ursus maritimus)

Meet a Polar she-bear with two small bear cubs on the snow!

Enjoy learning about the history of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.


Climb up to a mountaintop vista like our AdventureWomen did in Nepal in 2016!