Peru Facts: Did You Know?

This is another piece in our ongoing travel fact-based series at AdventureWomen “Did you know?” We want to continue to share some fun and interesting facts about the remarkable places you can visit with us. 

Peru is one of our favorite destinations at AdventureWomen. It is colorful and diverse. The people are extraordinarily friendly and open. Peru is like a living museum that is simultaneously modern and ancient.

Here are some fun factoids about the fascinating country of Peru…


…has 3,500 varieties of orchids, and it is estimated that 50% of the species in the country have yet to be identified.

… has the oldest university in the Americas. The National University of San Marcos was founded in 1551.

… has the world record for the maximum number of birds sighted in one place (650) and the greatest number of birds sighted in a single day (361).

… has three-quarters of the ten million alpaca in the world.

… is the largest exporter of asparagus in the world.

… has a rich history. Ancient Peruvians buried food with their dead, believing it would help on their journey to the next life.

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