Women Speak Up: Mothers and Daughters Together

Earlier this year, we were honored to host mother-daughter duo Karen and Charity on our Baja, Mexico adventure at the Sea of Cortez. Perhaps you caught our album of photos from Baja earlier in Ciao Bella?

We were curious about what inspires mother-daughter travel and decided to ask Karen Meekins and her daughter, Charity Cooke about their journey together with AdventureWomen. Here’s what they had to say…

A Mom’s point of view: From Karen Meekins

I love that you asked about our travels together.  We have been on 4 trips together: Italy, Belize, Hawaii and AdventureWomen’s Baja trip.

It’s great  to have time with my daughter and share so many memories. My daughter is busy with her family of four so our time together is precious. Now we do have our disagreements but what mother and daughter don’t? Charity also has a daughter so I hope she’ll be able to enjoy traveling with her in the future. The mementos would be the beautiful pictures and meeting new people. My most memorable trip was Italy, visiting the Tuscany area and staying in a 9th century town and eating great food and visiting a lot of wineries and tasting great wine!  

As far as having another trip planned, we haven’t discussed any but would like to go to New Zealand and Australia, Ireland and any beautiful beaches! I would love to go back to Baja and stay longer glamping. That was the best time. I loved every minute!

A Daughter’s point of view: From Charity Cooke

Karen and Charity on AdventureWomen’s Baja trip in February

We have taken three trips with women traveling groups (Tuscany region of Italy, Belize, and Baja).  We took another trip with friends to Hawaii years ago.  Traveling with mom is interesting.  I would say our relationship has improved with each trip as we eventually learn each other’s habits and personalities. There are usually a few intense moments throughout the trip but I would say that is probably common with most women that travel together.  We have similar personalities so sometimes it can be too much.

I am so thankful that my mom wants to share her traveling experiences with me. I am not sure how many more trips we will take on our own.  I would like to start traveling with my husband and kids. I am already taking mini domestic trips with my 7-year old daughter in hopes that one day we can travel abroad together. Hopefully all three of us can travel together one day. I would love to go to The Galapagos and I think mom wants to do a tall-ship sailing trip. I would love to explore more of Europe (coastal Italy, Greece, etc).

I usually purchase a cookbook on my travels.  I like to collect pictures so I generally do not purchase a lot of souvenirs.

I really enjoyed your Baja trip. I loved all the activities and glamping, and wish we could have stayed longer.

Karen and Charity in Baja with AdventureWomen in February

We have three more mother-daughter pairs on our trips this summer. We’ll be bringing you their stories soon right here at Ciao Bella!