Peru & Machu Picchu: Guest Reviews

A true “bucket list” adventure, trekking in Peru to see the Incan palaces at Machu Picchu is something every Adventure Woman can get excited about.

Here’s what our 2017 guests on our Peru adventure tour had to say about their experience when we asked…

Terraced to the edge to provide for Inca domiciles, Machu Picchu stands today as a tribute to Incan ingenuity, and it is considered among the Wonders of the World.

What were your favorite activities?

“Impossible to pick a favorite.  Each activity was great in its own way.  The picnic, the weaving cooperative, Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu, the museums and cathedrals…all terrific.” -Leah W.

“I was thrilled to see Machu Picchu and climb to the sun gate.  My other favorite activity was our visit to the women’s weaving cooperative.” -Donna D.

“Kayaking on Lake Titicaca” -Cathy C

“I loved it all and appreciated the diversity of what we saw and experienced.” -Holly E.

“Train ride to and from Machu Picchu and time in Machu Picchu.  Visit to the floating islands, visit to the weaver’s coop, picnic next to the lake and the Shaman ceremony.” -Janet E.

“Walking to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu.  Visiting weavers, and the Zodiac boat ride around Suasi Island” -Nora Z.

What moments brought feelings of triumph or empowerment for you on this trip?

“Climbing Huayna Picchu was an extra special accomplishment.  Also being able to Kayak on Lake Titicaca was a surreal experience.” -Holly E.

“Climbing Huayna Picchu and not having my usual fear of heights be so bad” -Stephanie G.

“It felt good to be in good enough shape to hike to the Sun Gate in Machu Picchu.” -Janet E.

What will you remember the most from this trip in Peru?

“The people, culture and history of Peru.” -Leah W. 

“The kind friendly Peruvian people we met- especially our amazing guides who shared their vast knowledge with us.” -Donna D.

“Being out of breath at 14,000 feet” -Barbara F.

“Having done this adventure makes me want to continue to do adventure and cultural travel.” -Holly E

“Beauty of Peru and the friendly and welcoming nature of Peruvians.” -Janet E.

“Standing at the Sun Gate and looking down on Machu Picchu.” -Nora Z.