Q&A with Ann D., Eighteen Trips and Counting

Part of an ongoing series featuring AdventureWomen guests.

If you could describe AdventureWomen in ONE word, what would it be?

One word?? No fair!! I’m going to make up a word: BestTimeSpentWithBestPeopleEver

What’s something that no one would guess about you?

I am an excellent cook and an OK gardener.

When did you start traveling with AdvenureWomen?

August 2004, Horsepacking in Banff.

Why did you choose AdventureWomen?

Looking for women-only adventure trips, I searched through Outside Online (on my lunch hour at work) and came across the trips for AdventureWomen–the Banff Horsepacking was exactly what I was looking for as a first trip.

How many trips have you been on?

Eighteen trips and looking forward to more.

What was your favorite trip and why?

Antarctica in 2020 is my favorite (so far) with immersion in awesome natural beauty and close encounters with penguins, whales, leopard seals, sea birds, and krill. Did you know, the Antarctic Convergence is full of krill, which is the largest biomass on earth? The cruise ship was new and sleek, and the expedition team made every day adventurous, educational, and enjoyable. We were wined and dined well, and as usual, the Adventure Women in our group were an extraordinary bunch! Of the 75+ passengers on this expedition, the Adventure Women certainly got the most attention, and well deserved, because we were the most remarkable group aboard!

If you could be doing anything, anywhere right now, what, and where would it be?

I would either be soaking in a view of mountains or floating in a lake.

What’s one thing you’ve had to overcome in your life?

I have let go of the resentment I harbored for people who have done me wrong.

What’s the most important thing to you?

My three daughters are of supreme importance to me, as well as their families and my seven grandchildren. Of my daughters, I do have a favorite, however, sometimes the “favorite” designation shifts, it just depends. All of my grandchildren are exceptional.