Why Travel with AdventureWomen?

There are a lot of choices out there when trying to decide who to travel with for your next adventure. We know how hard it can be to find the right fit, but once you do, it can be a lifetime connection for many future adventures.

Why travel with AdventureWomen? So glad you asked!

Longevity – We can’t help but laugh when we see articles pop up talking about the hot new fad of women’s travel. We’ve been doing this for almost 40 years! In the 1980s, when AdventureWomen started, there were only a handful of women-owned travel companies, but AdventureWomen was the among the first to focus solely on women travelers. This means that we’ve been perfecting the art of solo travel for women for four decades, and this experience matters.

Personalized Service – We’ve got your back every step of the way! From the first phone call with our Adventure Managers to questions about packing, flights, and visas while preparing for your adventure — and all the way through the trip with our amazing guide and Ambassador teams — we take the time to get to know you to ensure that you have an amazing trip. We all truly care about your experience and love connecting personally with each and every one of our guests.

Cultural experiences in Japan women's trip

Handcrafted Itineraries – We take the time to find off-the-beaten-path locations and make sure to add unique women-to-women experiences that make our itineraries extra special. In Madagascar you’ll meet with silk weavers and in Japan you’ll hike with a high mountain priestess (to name a few). These local connections add an extra depth to our itineraries and allow you to connect with women from all different backgrounds.

Diversity of Trip Options – We have options for those who want to kick back and enjoy a more moderate cultural excursion and we have high-octane trips for those who want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or trek to Everest Base Camp (and everything in between). We always offer a mix of moderate, active, high energy, and challenging trips all over the world. Last year, we traveled to more than 25 destinations and offered multiple departures for most of our trips.

Small Groups – No need to worry about being stuck in a tour bus with 50 other people – our trips consist of no more than 14 women per trip. Our average group size is between 10-12 women. Keeping our groups small offers you a more authentic and personal experience. Plus, could you imagine having to share a bathroom with 50 other women at a pit stop? No thanks!

Amazing Ambassadors – On each of our trips, we always have experienced guides who are native to the country we are visiting, but we also send along an AdventureWomen Ambassador who accompanies the group from start to finish. Each Ambassador is chosen for her leadership, communication, and organizational abilities – as well as her personality and enthusiasm. She works tirelessly behind the scenes with the guide and the AdventureWomen office to make sure your trip is exceptional.

Form Long-lasting Friendships – Explore and discover a new destination in the company of other active, inquisitive, and interesting women. Our average guest ranges from 50-70 years old, and a majority of our new guests come on a trip as a solo traveler. Although they are traveling solo, many leave with new friends and travel buddies. Some continue to travel together for decades together!

We Take Guest Feedback Seriously – It’s important to us to hear what you think, and we are always working to fine tune our trips (we are a group of perfectionists here at AdventureWomen). We often choose our new itineraries based on where our guests want to go next. Take a look at our brand-new adventures!

The biggest reason why women chose to travel with us is that there is no pressure and you can just be yourself! This is why over 50% of our guests continue to travel with us year after year. We are a relationship company. We put you, our guests, first and truly care about everyone who travels with us. We can’t wait to get to know you!