Best of Peru: What Adventure Women are Saying

AdventureWomen in Peru, laughing with the llama

AdventureWomen in Peru, laughing with the llama

I had a terrific time in Peru. Machu Picchu and Cusco are “encanto” as my Peruvian seat mate, on the flight to Lima, kept saying. As most of our group, I had wanted to go for so many years and could not have imagined how overwhelmed I would feel actually being there. I miss the camaraderie of our group. I doubt I will ever experience such perfection again. Being on lake Titicaca, the floating Islands of the Uros, SuasiIsland…..all lovely experiences… – Meg Dalziel

“The Peru trip was beyond awesome. Each day was exciting, inspiring, educational and enjoyable!”

“What a wonderful trip! Seeing Peru through the eyes of Peruvian women was a treat! And of course being at Macchu Picchu is a mind blowing experience. Thank you for putting together another wonderful AdventureWomen trip!”

“This was my first AdventureWomen trip and it was fabulous! There was so much packed into each day – educational, cultural, historical, anthropological – that I came away feeling that I acquired a unique appreciation for all Peru has to offer. I would definitely recommend this journey to my friends.”

“Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed the trip to Peru. It was perfect – I’ll cherish the memories forever. Stacey did an outstanding job as our AdventureWomen representative.”

“…we just returned from the Peru trip which was amazing, life challenging, exhausting and fun with heart wrenchingly beautiful people and places!! Stacey was a wonderful Pachamama especially to those who needed one. To the group in general she worked tirelessly for our benefit. Thank you for your travel company. I see why it is number one!”