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June 2018  

Camaraderie Among AdventureWomen

As we enjoy summer barbecues, weddings, and family events, we are always telling our friends about our recent adventures. Usually the stories involve the women we met along the way. We find these relationships powerful and inspiring.

This month, we hear from some of our guests about the special bonds they formed as they traveled with us to Costa Rica and Kilimanjaro - and why they're now excited about traveling again, together, to Tanzania and Patagonia.

We've added another departure to the Galapagos by Private Yacht in March 2019. Who wants to photograph blue footed boobies?

Can you tell the difference between a New Zealand and an Australian accent? In preparation for our March 2019 hike on the Overland Track, we've put together 12 fun facts about Australia and Tasmania we thought you might enjoy.

"G'day mate and good on ya" to all AdventureWomen!

"The ladies on my trip treasured the experience of exploring a new place with new people, often far outside of our comfort zone. And, above all, we appreciated a good laugh…we laughed constantly. My face hurt, everyday."
Kelly J.

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