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February 2018  

Live Life Boldly

At AdventureWomen, we love living life boldly! And on that note, we are so excited to tell you that we have been nominated for Travel + Leisure's 2018 "World's Best" list of tour operators. Now, we need your vote by March 5th!

Announcement #2: We're going back to Morocco in late September! By popular demand, we've added a new departure for our "Morocco: Sahara Sands, Markets & Mediterranean Feasts". Want to join the fun?

This month, we're also boldly facing challenges - head on. We're giving you 5 great tips for turning setbacks into triumphs and practicing transformational resilience.

And finally, the women entrepreneurs we meet in Chile, Bay of Fundy and Morocco as well as the women leaders we connect with in Bhutan, Japan, and Madagascar, "walk the talk" as inspirational leaders in their communities. Read all about it!

"I just returned from my fifth AW trip -- this one to Easter Island and the wine country of Chile. As with all the others, the trip was a delight. It was well planned, exhilarating, at times challenging, and involved a group of delightful women. My only regret is that I don't have enough time to do more of their trips."
Anne N. DePrez

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