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March 2021  

Our Favorite Adventures Abroad

Happy Spring Adventure Women!

This month we highlight our favorite international adventures and celebrate International Women’s Day. We recognize that traveling abroad remains a fluid situation, and your safety is our number one priority when traveling with us. Learn more about our updated booking policies and traveling safely with us.

We are honored that AdventureWomen’s own Judi Wineland has been featured in a listing of The 20 Influential Women in the Travel Industry by TravelPulse. Women are what make the travel world go round, and Judi is listed among some of the trailblazers in the industry who are working toward empowering women and driving change. Congratulations, Judi, and thank you for your wisdom and leadership!

Woman enjoying the thrill of zip lining through the jungle on women's tour to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica: Jungle, Wildlife & Beaches

A mere 117 miles wide east to west, this tiny country still has 800 miles of beaches and 12 different climate zones! Costa Rica is a gorgeous riot of rivers and waterfalls, lush rain forests, cloud forests, steamy hot springs, volcanoes, and agrarian landscapes hosting plantations of bananas and coffee. Go rafting, horse riding, hiking, and try a zipline.  We recently added a new departure as the first one sold out.

Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

Experience the otherworldly beauty of Iceland on a seven-day adventure through its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, waterfalls, hot springs, and lava fields. Ride horses, ATVs, and snowmobiles. Taste Icelandic delicacies from skyr to lobster, chocolate to microbrews.

Galapagos: Wildlife Cruise by Private Yacht

Cruise the enchanting Galápagos Islands by private yacht for an unforgettable, and awe-inspiring wildlife experience. From the slo-mo giant land tortoises and bizarrely endearing marine iguanas to the fabulous blue-footed boobies and descendants of Darwin’s finches, wander in wonder as you witness nature’s infinite variety in one of the last pristine places on Earth.

Egypt and Jordan women travel groups

Egypt & Jordan: Wonders of the World

Cruise the River Nile and walk among the pyramids, ancient temples, and archeological sites of captivating Egypt and Jordan. Egypt is one of the most intoxicating destinations in the world, unequaled in its contributions to world culture, and Jordan’s cultural treasures shine as early examples of human ingenuity. From hieroglyphs and temples to the ruins of Petra, walk with wonder among artifacts created by two of the world’s oldest societies, from 2,500 BC to Year One. This is one of our all-time most popular trips, and we just added a fourth departure for 2021.

Women in Cuban traditional dresses women only trips to Cuba

Cuba: Explore the World’s Best Kept Secret

With its dazzling art and architecture, Afro-Latin rhythms, and iconic scenes from a vintage postcard, Cuba welcomes you—and your inner explorer! This 10-day adventure is divided between three UNESCO World Heritage Site cities, each a canvas for unique artistic expression. Throughout your travels, connect with local artists and entrepreneurial businesswomen eager to share insights about life in this island nation that’s been sealed off from the outside world for most of 60 years.

We look forward to planning your next adventure!

We are excited that Travel & Leisure has once again nominated AdventureWomen as one of the 2021 “World’s Best” tour operators. Vote now and enter for a chance to win a $10,000 Dream Trip, courtesy of Travel & Leisure.  Results will be revealed in the October 2021 issue of Travel & Leisure magazine.

"This surpassed all my expectations. I was a bit nervous about my abilities to keep up, but I did, thanks to the kindness of our guides and fellow adventurers! I end this trip with wonderful memories, wonderful new friends I will really miss and new muscles and stamina! Thank you for a truly wonderful experience."
Julie C.

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