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April 2019  

Words of Wisdom

Women sharing their wisdom is a kind of enduring oral history. It’s not storytelling, per se. It’s the outcome of our stories – that lasting impression and one worth retelling. Learn from our Ambassadors' travels, start planning your own, and discover how much the wisdom handed down from woman to woman really sticks with us, shaping our life journeys.

On every incredible journey we offer worldwide, our Trip Ambassadors apply their travel insights in making sure guests have the best possible adventures. Explore our new Ambassador Blog Series here!

Sail Croatia: Book now! Save $600 until April 26, 2019, plus receive a free upgrade to a single room. Grab this deep discount offered to women booking our June 29-July 7, 2019 departure. Enjoy an active yet relaxing adventure, sailing the stunning Dalmatian coast, mooring to swim and snorkel the pure blue Adriatic Sea, and explore medieval walled villages that hug the shores.

Springtime hiking in Patagonia: Join us for a high-energy adventure in Patagonia on our October 12-21, 2019 departure, where it's springtime. First, learn some Fun Facts about this land of glaciers, stunning peaks, and rumors of giants!

Wherever your inner compass leads you, your global journey becomes part of your life's landscape. Lessons are learned, your confidence as a traveler grows. And, you earn the kind of explorer's wisdom that's share-worthy to future generations of adventurous women!

"I just returned from my fifth AW trip -- this one to Easter Island and the wine country of Chile. As with all the others, the trip was a delight. It was well planned, exhilarating, at times challenging, and involved a group of delightful women. My only regret is that I don't have enough time to do more of their trips."
Anne N. DePrez

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