Trip Overview

Embarking on a journey through Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn offers a wonderful exploration of the Baltic region. In Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, Gothic, baroque, and neoclassical architecture showcase the resilience against historical challenges. Riga, Latvia’s capital, enchants with its well-preserved medieval architecture and the Art Nouveau district. Tallinn, Estonia’s jewel, captivates with its medieval charm, embodied by the well-preserved Old Town and towering spires. Each city, with its unique character and historical significance, invites travelers to immerse themselves in the richness of the Baltics.

Once there, meet your guide and the women who will be joining you for this unforgettable adventure, get to know one another and discuss the exciting days ahead. We are committed to helping make your experience a fun and personally rewarding adventure and cheering you on as you reach beyond your comfort zone to take on new challenges in your unique way.

Welcome to the Baltics!

Currently considered the largest baroque city north of the Alps, Vilnius proudly holds a place on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites roster. Since its establishment in 1323, Vilnius has survived numerous attacks. Despite these challenges, architectural marvels in Gothic, baroque, Renaissance, and neo-classical designs endure to this day. In Vilnius, the convergence of history, art, and intellect awaits at every turn.

Embark on a captivating journey through the city, exploring its rich history and architectural splendors. Begin your exploration at the Vilnius Cathedral, a symbol of resilience that has withstood centuries of challenges since the 18th century. Marvel at its ancient crypts, foundations, and jewels.

Next, venture to St. Anne’s Church, the pinnacle of Gothic architecture. With its intricate facade and timeless elegance, it stands as a testament to the city’s enduring artistic spirit.

Conclude your visit at Vilnius University, one of the oldest in Central Europe. The university’s diverse architectural styles provide a visual feast for history enthusiasts and admirers of academic legacy alike.

A trip to Lithuania wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the 14th-century old town of Trakai. Nestled amid picturesque lakes just west of Vilnius, Trakai is considered a Lithuanian gem.

Continue to Riga, Latvia

Riga’s Historic Town Center has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1997 and is recognized as having the finest collection of art nouveau buildings in Europe, and some lovely examples of medieval and Gothic architecture.

Embark on a captivating two-day exploration of Riga, partially on foot, immersing yourself in the city’s well-preserved medieval architecture and vibrant Art Nouveau scene. Start your journey at the University of Latvia, then visit the inspiring Dome Cathedral, the largest operational church in the Baltics, the soaring spire of Gothic St. Peter’s Church, the Great Guild Hall now hosting the Riga Philharmonic, the Three Brothers. Take a tour of where the famous Art Nouveau buildings are grouped, and join 100,000 daily visitors at the Riga’s Central Market.

Experience an exclusive tour of the Riga National Opera House, where Richard Wagner once directed the city’s opera company from 1837 to 1839. Finally, meet acclaimed textile artist Laima Kaugure who brings linen to life by combining traditional artisanal techniques and contemporary fabric resulting in luxurious and unique creations.

Before heading to Tallinn, discover Cēsis, one of Latvia’s oldest towns, its undisputed Castle gem, and charming cobblestone lanes.

Discover the marvelous Tallinn, Estonia

Located not far from St. Petersburg, Tallinn has been a trading and strategic center for hundreds of years. Its Old Town is the best-preserved medieval town center in Eastern Europe, despite various invasions. Its winding cobbled streets, red roofs, and remaining turreted fortress wall are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Embark on a delightful two-day exploration of Tallinn by foot, commencing with Toompea, the limestone hill at the heart of the city. Marvel at the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, an exquisite example of Russian Revival style completed in 1900, and visit the Dome Church, Estonia’s oldest church reconstructed in the 17th century following a fire. Day two unfolds with a visit to the Seaplane Harbor, the largest maritime museum in the Baltics. Taste local fruit liquors at the Telliskivi Creative Hub, a 19th-century industrial complex transformed into a dynamic space for workshops, exhibitions, galleries, and restaurants. Not to be missed is the vibrant Telliskivi Creative City, a lively shopping, culture, and entertainment space.

Main Attractions

  • Explore the vibrant capitals of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, each offering a unique cultural experience and rich history.
  • Discover Vilnius and its numerous museums, galleries, and theaters. Immerse yourself in the city's creative atmosphere. Visit Riga's Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for its well-preserved medieval and art nouveau architecture.
  • Explore Tallinn and its Old Town, renowned for its well-preserved medieval architecture and cobblestone streets.
  • Enjoy the traditional flavors and modern culinary innovations of the Baltics.

What You'll See and Do

  • Architecture
  • Cooking Class
  • Cultural Exploration
  • Historical Sites
  • Local Delicacies
  • Sightseeing
  • UNESCO Site
  • Walking
  • Women-To-Women Exchanges

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Trip Itinerary

The AdventureWomen itineraries are subject to change depending on the chosen departure date. To view a specific departure itinerary, simply click on the "Browse Detailed Itinerary" button above and select your date.

Day 1

Arrive in Vilnius, Lithuania

Arrive in Vilnius, Lithuania (VNO) after 12:00 pm today. A group transfer from the airport to the hotel will be provided when most guests arrive (exact time to be determined). Private transfers at other times are available for purchase.

Enjoy a lively welcome dinner of traditional favorites at a local restaurant as you get to know our fellow travelers.


Overnight: Artagonis Hotel

Day 2

Explore Vilnius, Lithuania

Founded in 1323, Vilnius has withstood attacks by Crusaders, Crimean Tatars, Russians, Napoleon’s armies, Poles, and Germans. Despite this, structures in Gothic, baroque, Renaissance, and neo-classical styles still stand today.

The neo-classical Vilnius Cathedral hides a long history. In the 1960s, architects examining cracks discovered ancient crypts, foundations of earlier churches, and hidden church jewels from fleeing Russians in 1655.

Representing Gothic architecture’s pinnacle in Lithuania, St. Anne’s Church, built around 1500, displays 33 different kinds of brick and an elegant exterior. The interior, renovated several times, remains nearly unchanged for over five centuries.

Established in 1579, Vilnius University evolved into a significant scientific and cultural center. With diverse architectural styles spanning 400 years, it endured closure by Moscow from 1832 to 1917 and now enrolls over 14,000 students.

Enjoy a meal of traditional favorites at a local restaurant. After lunch, explore independently, and dinner will be on your own tonight.

Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Artagonis Hotel

Day 3

Explore Trakai, Lithuania

Drive to the 14th-century town of Trakai, one of Lithuania’s early capitals, featuring two lakeside castles. The peninsula castle, destroyed in the 17th century, now remains in ruins. The restored island castle, constructed in Brick Gothic style on Lake Galve’s island, showcases the region’s historical charm.

Established in 1938, the Karaite Museum narrates Lithuania’s Crimean Karaites’ story. Brought by Vytautas the Great 600 years ago, they practice a unique form of Judaism. The museum preserves their heritage through artifacts, photos, books, costumes, textiles, and household items, reflecting the community’s rich culture.

Participate in a hands-on Karaite cooking class, learning to make kosher kybyn, a delicious Turkish-influenced pastry stuffed with minced meat, vegetables, or cheese. Enjoy the fruits of your labor afterward.

Visit the KGB Museum (Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights) in the former District Court Building’s basement on Lukiskiu Square. It holds historical significance as the site where many Lithuanians underwent interrogations before deportation to Siberia.

Head back to your hotel and explore the diverse dining choices in the area for your independent dinner tonight.

Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Artagonis Hotel

Day 4

Heading to Riga, Latvia via Bauska

Following breakfast, begin your journey to Riga. Stop for lunch at a traditional specialties restaurant.

Mazā Muiža, or Little Manor, features historically accurate costumes showcasing changing fashions from the 18th and 19th centuries. Housed in a charming brick building, this collection provides an interactive, educational, and whimsically entertaining experience. Explore the “Magic Wardrobe” for photo opportunities in costumes and wigs.

The baroque Rundale Palace, designed by Rastrelli in the early 18th century, boasts about 40 rococo rooms open for inspection. Originally the home of the Duke of Courland, it underwent various ownerships and served different purposes before restoration work began in 1972.

Proceed to Riga and complete your hotel check-in. Take time to explore around your hotel and discover diverse dining choices in the area. Enjoy dinner at your leisure.

Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Neiburgs Hottel

Day 5

Explore Riga, Latvia

Riga’s Historic Town Center, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997, has revived despite damages in both world wars and neglect during the Soviet period. Today, Riga stands as Latvia’s thriving center for arts, architecture, and nightlife. The tour includes highlights such as the University of Latvia, Dome Cathedral, spire on Gothic St. Peter’s Church, Great Guild Hall, Three Brothers (oldest stone residential building), and Riga Castle (partially closed to tourism, placed on World Monuments Watch List). Finally, visit the Dome Cathedral, the largest working church in the Baltics.

Enjoy lunch as a group at a traditional restaurant.

Explore the Riga National Opera House, affectionately known as the “White House,” symbolizing Latvia’s cultured European identity. Completed in 1863 and designed by German architect Ludwig Bonstedt, this neo-classical theater played a significant role in Riga’s opera history. Richard Wagner conducted the city’s opera company from 1837 to 1839. Enjoy a private tour of this historical Opera House.

Return to your hotel and enjoy dinner on your own tonight.

Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Neiburgs Hotel

Day 6

Explore Riga, Latvia

After breakfast, continue your exploration of Riga on foot. A few blocks north of the city center, discover Riga’s famous Art Nouveau buildings, many designed by Mikhail Eisenstein, father of film director Sergei Eisenstein. This imaginative and decorative style, prominent in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, is characterized by beautifully adorned facades featuring sculpture, ironwork, and stylized motifs from nature. UNESCO recognizes Riga as having the finest collection of Art Nouveau architecture in Europe.

Visit Riga’s Central Market, occupying five massive pavilions originally built as zeppelin hangars in the 1920s. Converted into a 770,000-square-foot market, it is the largest in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage highlight. With around 3,000 vendors, the market offers locally sourced meals from various cuisines, attracting some 100,000 daily visitors.

Explore the work of acclaimed textile artist Laima Kaugure, known for her creative vision and technical skill. Her Studio Natural produces hand-crafted luxury linen woven in Latvia on traditional wooden looms. The limited quantities and artisanal techniques result in luxurious and unique creations with almost ethereal 3D-like fabric combinations.

Enjoy dinner as a group tonight.

Breakfast, Dinner

Overnight: Neiburgs Hotel

Day 7

Heading to Tallinn, Estonia, via Cēsis 

Following breakfast, drive from Latvia to Estonia, making a stop at the lesser-visited charming town of Cēsis. Celebrating its 800th anniversary in 2006, this 13th-century town is one of Latvia’s oldest. Explore the medieval castle founded by the Knights of the Sword, a well-known sight in the area. The Old Town also hosts one of Latvia’s oldest breweries.

Immerse yourself in history at Cēsis Castle, a remarkably well-preserved fortress built in 1214 as the stronghold of the Knights of the Livonian Brothers of the Sword. Explore the surrounding workshops and gardens.

Leisurely stroll through the winding, cobblestone lanes of Cēsis Old Town, encountering impeccably preserved, vibrant buildings. While many medieval structures have vanished, the city’s layout remains intact. Admire the architectural wonders of City Hall, the Merchant House, and the Princess House, testaments to Cesis’ enduring allure.

Enjoy lunch as a group at a local restaurant.

Visit the Song Festival Grounds, where Estonians defied the Soviet Union in 1988, hosting an enormous international festival every five years. Estonia’s cultural identity is closely linked to music, with the oldest Estonian song type, the runic chant, dating back to the first millennium BC. The Song Festivals of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia were inscribed onto the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008.

Arrive at your hotel in Tallinn and enjoy dinner on your own tonight.

Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: My City Hotel

Day 8

Explore Tallinn, Estonia

After breakfast, embark on a walking tour of Tallinn. Its Old Town stands as the best-preserved medieval town center in Eastern Europe, resilient against various invasions, and is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The winding cobbled streets, red roofs, and remaining turreted fortress wall add to its historical charm.

Toompea, the limestone hill at the center of Tallinn, rises nearly 90 feet higher than the rest of the city. At its highest point sits Toompea Castle, rebuilt by Catherine the Great over the remains of the 13th-century castle of the Knights of the Sword.

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral on Toompea, designed in the Russian Revival style and completed in 1900, was commissioned by Czar Alexander III. Despite some Estonians wanting to demolish it after independence, the government opted to restore it instead.

Estonia’s oldest church, the Lutheran Cathedral of St. Mary the Virgin, or the Dome Church, was built in 1223. Initially a Catholic church until 1561, it later served as a burial place for German and Swedish nobility. The church’s appearance today dates from the 17th century, rebuilt after a fire.

Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and spend the afternoon exploring independently. Dinner will be on your own tonight.

Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: My City Hotel

Day 9

Explore Tallinn, Estonia

Drive to the largest maritime museum in the Baltics, housed in a 1916 concrete seaplane hangar where Charles Lindbergh once made a stop. Exhibits include a British-built submarine from the 1930s and a full-size replica of the WWI Short 184 seaplane.

Explore the oldest district in Tallinn, Kalamaja, on a food tour led by a local expert in Estonian cuisine. Stop at the open-air market to explain and sample offerings, concluding with a tasting of local fruit liquors in the Telliskivi Creative Hub, a 19th-century industrial complex now serving as a creative space for workshops, exhibitions, galleries, and restaurants.

Situated in a former Soviet-era railway factory complex, Telliskivi Creative City is a vibrant shopping, cultural, and entertainment hub with a hipster/bohemian feel. With over 200 fringe artist studios, it’s an excellent place to purchase locally made souvenirs and gifts. The area also offers restaurants, cafés, bars specializing in craft beers, and food trucks.

In the afternoon, enjoy time to explore independently.

Conclude your day with a farewell dinner with your group.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: My City Hotel

Day 10

Depart Tallinn, Estonia

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Tallinn airport (TLL). The transfer to the airport will be provided when most guests depart (exact time to be determined). Private transfers at other times are available for purchase.



Please note: AdventureWomen will attempt to adhere to the itinerary as much as possible. However, certain conditions (political, climatic, environmental, and cultural) may necessitate changes in the itinerary. AdventureWomen reserves the right to alter any itinerary at any time, if necessary. We will attempt to notify participants of changes as far in advance as possible. Costs incurred by such changes will be the responsibility of the participants. 

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Traveling to The Baltics

Arrival and Departure Information

May 4, 2025 Departure

Arrive: Arrive in Vilnius, Lithuania (VNO) on May 4, 2025 after 12:00pm.

Depart: Depart Tallinn, Estonia (TLL) on May 13, 2025 at any time.

We are happy to help you make your flight and travel arrangements. If you’d like to do anything prior to or following the AdventureWomen trip, we’d be delighted to help you arrange any trip extensions you’re interested in.

Note: The recent trend in travel is for travelers to finalize their plans much closer to departure time than was customary in the past. While we try to be as flexible as possible booking last-minute registrants, we must release hotel rooms two to three months prior to departure! Please keep this in mind when making your travel plans.

Preparation and Packing  

Please use the following guides as a reference when preparing for your adventure. We also encourage you to adapt the guides to your travel style as well as the destination’s forecasted weather.  


Gratuities are a personal decision and are at your own discretion based on your level of satisfaction with the service provided. Gratuities are dependent upon the number of guests on your departure, and they vary greatly from trip to trip. As a general reference, AdventureWomen suggests you plan for $440-$450 (or more) worth of gratuities for this adventure. Specific tipping recommendations for your trip will be provided to you closer to your departure date and may fluctuate due to inflation, exchange rates, and the number of travelers on your trip. 

Passports and Visas

Citizens of the United States must have a passport valid for six months beyond your travel dates with at least two blank facing pages. If you do not have a passport, please apply now!

US Passport holders will need a visa to visit Sri Lanka. We will provide detailed information before your departure on how to obtain your visa.

Activity Level

We rate this trip as Moderate. Our moderate adventure trips exercise your mind more than your body and are designed for women who prefer a leisurely, less rigorous experience. For example, you could walk up to 2 miles per day through cities and villages, stand in museums for a few hours, relax on a boat, or view wildlife from a vehicle. Please note that this is a general description of what you might encounter; for specific details about your trip, please consult the itinerary.

We recommend training before your trip (with your doctor’s permission) to make the most of your adventure. With this itinerary in mind, we have a partnership with Trailblazer Wellness, a woman-owned, women-run company that will design an individualized fitness plan just for you! Best of all, AdventureWomen guests get a 10% discount with the code AVW. Learn more on the Trailblazer Wellness website.

Health Considerations

Make an appointment with a travel clinic, as they may have recommendations for vaccines and medications based on the destination as well as your age, health, and past vaccination history.

For more health information, go to and navigate to the page about Sri Lanka.

How to Register

Call the AdventureWomen office at (800) 804-8686 to determine space availability and register for this trip. We can complete your registration, including taking your credit card deposit over the phone.

If you prefer, you can register online by clicking “Sign Up for this Trip” on the trip page.

Please be sure to read the AdventureWomen policies before registering!

Forms and Final Payment

The deposit for this trip is $800. You can transfer your deposit to another trip with no additional fee if you notify us within 120 days of the original trip departure date. We can hold your deposit for up to six months as a credit. Failure to book a new trip within this timeframe will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.

Once you book, you will need to fill out and return to AdventureWomen:

  • Information Form
  • Booking Conditions Form
  • Copy of Flight Information
  • Copy of Issuing Page of Passport (Photo Page)
  • Supplement Health and Safety Form

Final payment is due to AdventureWomen in a cash form (check, money order, or wire transfer). A maximum of $1,500 per person can be put on a credit card, which includes your deposit.

May 4, 2025 Departure Final Payment Due Date: February 3, 2025 

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What's Included


  • Accommodations as per itinerary based on double occupancy
  • All meals as listed in the itinerary
  • All ground transportation
  • One group transfer on arrival and departure
  • Guided sightseeing and activities as indicated in the itinerary
  • Entrance fees
  • English-speaking guide(s) throughout the trip
  • Bottled water
  • One non-alcoholic or one alcoholic drink (local beer/wine) at the welcome and farewell dinners
  • Gratuities for local guides and porters

Not Included

  • International airfare to Lithuania and from Estonia
  • Optional activities
  • Meals not specified in the itinerary
  • Alcoholic beverages (unless otherwise specified)
  • Fees for passport, visas, immunizations, or travel insurance
  • Cost of hospitalization or evacuation
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Gratuities for the main guide and drivers

If you're curious about this trip, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Artagonist Hotel

Located within a 500-year-old historic building in Vilnius' Old Town, this unique hotel, known as Artagonist, is adorned with handmade artworks created by Lithuanian artists. The hotel's lobby, bar, and European cuisine restaurant feature a captivating array of contemporary murals, paintings, art installations, and sculptures. The rooms are designed with neutral tones, providing a perfect backdrop for individual art installations. The hotel's central location allows for easy access to key attractions such as Vilnius University, Cathedral Square, St. Anne's Church, and the Amber Museum, all just a short walk away.

Amenities: flat-screen TV with satellite channels, tea/coffee maker, mini-bar, in-room safe, slippers, hairdryer, complimentary toiletries, free WiFi, air-conditioning

Neiburgs Hotel

Situated in an authentic Art Nouveau building, the Neiburgs Hotel offers refurbished rooms equipped with contemporary amenities within a magnificent Old World European setting. Each room provides a view of Riga's Old Town and is conveniently located near many of the city's primary attractions. The hotel's on-site restaurant serves a blend of modern Latvian and international cuisine. Additionally, there is a spa facility within the hotel for guests to enjoy.

Amenities: flat-screen TV, mini-bar, slippers, complimentary toiletries, free WiFi, air-conditioning

My City Hotel

Located in the heart of Tallinn and the medieval Old Town, My City offers a pleasant restaurant serving international cuisine, as well as a sauna and Jacuzzi.

Amenities: cable TV, mini-bar, safe, hairdryer, complimentary toiletries, free WiFi, air-conditioning


If you're curious about this trip, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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