Each of our women’s travel adventures at AdventureWomen has been carefully evaluated around the level of fitness and physical exertion associated with it so that our guests can determine if a trip matches up with what they are looking for in terms of active adventure. Our four levels of fitness include “moderate”, “active”, “high energy” and “challenging”:


Moderate adventure trips exercise your mind more than your body and are designed for women who prefer a leisurely, less rigorous experience. For example, you could walk up to 2 miles per day through cities and villages, stand in museums for a few hours, relax on a boat, or view wildlife from a vehicle.

Stores in the medina streets of Fez, Morocco.


Active adventures at AdventureWomen get you on your feet! You should be in good physical condition for these trips and comfortable walking on uneven surfaces, such as cobblestone streets, biking well-maintained paths and natural trails, or kayaking in calm waters.

Kayaking in New Zealand

High Energy

High energy adventures are designed for women who enjoy more of a physical adventure and crave being on the go! You should be prepared for itineraries that include (but are not limited to): a full day of biking on rolling terrain, hiking 5-8 miles on moderate to steep trails, being active at high altitudes, whitewater rafting, or skiing.

Experience one of the top activities in Santander: whitewater rafting. Your professional rafting guides will make this a safe yet
exhilirating experience. Go AdventureWomen!


Challenging adventures at AdventureWomen get your heart rate really pumping and are more athletic. These women’s trips are demanding yet deeply rewarding and designed for seasoned outdoor enthusiasts.  You should be in excellent physical condition, and be able to hike up to 10 miles per day, in steeper, more rugged terrain.

The Heather and Moorland Zone gives way to the Alpine Desert, a rocky landscape with drought like conditions. Very few plants can survive in such harsh conditions. The view of Kili and the summit gets better and better! (Photo Credit: Paul Joynson-Hicks)