Our guests at AdventureWomen have some incredible stories to share about their adventure vacation trips with us. After more than 40 years of offering trips for women, we were curious to hear how their actual adventures compared with their original ideas about women’s adventure travel.

Here’s what they had to say when we asked them to finish the sentence ”Never in my wildest dreams …”

“…as a small child on a farm in Illinois did I ever think I would actually go to Africa”
– Alene, IL – Tanzania Safari

Susan holding hands with a chimpanzee in East Africa

A chimpanzee reaches out to hold hands with Susan Eckert in East Africa – cir. 1986 on AdventureWomen’s first Gorilla Trek in Rwanda.

“…did I think I would be within 10 feet of the Queen of England… our paths crossing at a market square in San Ignacio, Belize. She came with Prince Phillip on her royal yacht… we came with Susan Eckert in a canoe!”
– Carmen and Sheila ,Washington, D.C.- Belize

“ …did I think I would ride into camp on an elephant and see our bamboo rafts being made to float us back to Chiang Mai.”

– Lois, IL – Thailand

In Thailand with the elephants...we will never forget!

In Thailand with the elephants…we will never forget!

“ …did I think I would be rounding up wild horses on the plains of Wyoming and playing frisbee with cow chips!”
– Marilyn, Michigan – Wyoming Covered Wagon

“…did I believe that there could be so many activities – rafting, canoeing, horseback riding, hiking… on ONE trip!”

– M. R. , Florida – Montana Cowgirl

Rafting the Colorado River

Rafting the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon, Utah

“ …did I ever think I’d have the guts to take trips like yours”
– Julia, WA Helicopter Hiking

“…did I think a trip could so profoundly affect my everyday life and perceptions after the trip”

– Carolyn, Oregon – Nepal Trek

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“ …did I believe I would spend so much money… on MYSELF!”
– Gloria, WI – Scotland Hiking

“ …could I have celebrated my 60th birthday on a grander adventure in the company of outstanding women”

– Sandi, CA – Nepal Trek


Dancing in Nepal

Dancing in Nepal


“…did I believe I would be in a ‘pretend’ shootout with outlaws and Indians… or snorkeling with sea lions”
– Dorothy, MO – Wyoming Horsepacking and Baja Sea Kayaking


Our very own Wyoming sharp-shooters! Put 'em up!

Our very own Wyoming sharp-shooters! Put ’em up!

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