Blue Lagoon Iceland

Relaxing in the famous Blue Lagoon after a week of horseback riding through the splendid Icelandic countryside.

Does this sound like you? “I’ve always wanted to go to…”, “I want to explore  the world… now I have time…”, “Now I’m making time…”,  “My husband /significant other/friends never want to go anywhere…”

Actually, you probably won’t travel solo on more than one adventure travel vacation, because you’ll meet new travel buddies on your very first trip. Then, you’ll have someone to plan your next adventure vacation with!

These women met each other on an AW trip, and have become good friends

These women met each other on an AW trip, and have become good friends

What’s different about “women only” trips? There’s no competition; we spend time relaxing and appreciating things, places, people, flora, and fauna; we get away from our daily work and family responsibilities; we dress up or dress down and go without makeup; and we laugh… a lot!

Llamas tell the best jokes... - in Peru

Llamas tell the best jokes… – in Peru

A philosophy of inclusiveness is a fundamental part of AdventureWomen travel adventures. All our guides and associates make it a point to be sure everyone gets integrated into the group dynamic. We even rotate roommates so you can have one-on-one time with lots of the women on your trip. And having FUN is one of our big priorities on these vacations.

Locked in their room in Bhutan?

Locked in their room in Bhutan? -photo by Christine Hansen

We cater to all activity levels: Moderate, Active, High Energy, and Challenging.  And, we take the angst out of adventure travel by giving you all the details you need, and a packing list for your vacation. We’ll even connect you to our highly recommended air operators; they know just how to get you to and from your AdventureWomen destination.

We hope you’ll check out our upcoming trips at AdventureWomen and join us on one!