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June 1, 2014

AdventureWomen Maintains High Rate of Return for Women-Only Adventure Vacations

BOZEMAN, Mont. — When AdventureWomen first opened its doors in 1982, more than a few skeptical eyebrows were raised at the prospect of women taking active vacations by themselves. Fortunately, times have changed and the demand for women-only vacation options has helped transform the industry.

AdventureWomen was a pioneer in adventure travel for active women over 30 and, today, more than 70 percent of those who travel with the company are repeat customers.

“From my very first trip, I realized that we were not tourists but travelers; women interested in the culture and mores of the land in which we found ourselves,” comments Camilla Nielsen, who has taken nearly 30 trips with AdventureWomen. “We were hungry for awareness and knowledge.” Nielsen said her husband opened “pandora’s box” when he gave her the first trip to India – that was in 1988.

AdventureWomen offers small, congenial, non-smoking group adventure vacations for all ability levels, catering to women traveling solo, or with sisters, mothers, daughters and friends. These out-of-the-ordinary trips are carefully researched and designed, and combine the best in women’s travel with safety, comfort, luxury and adventure.

But why do adventure seekers continue to travel with AdventureWomen instead of going elsewhere? Guests will tell you it’s because the company encourages women to follow their passions for exploration, overcome personal challenges, learn a new skill or activity, and rediscover their fun-loving, confident selves.

“[It’s] stress-free travel with the knowledge that everything is done first class,” says Gayle Hagins, who will be taking her 24th trip in September to Tanzania. “I have gone places I would never do alone; those I could have done alone were much more fun with a group.” Hagins has already set her sights on Namibia, Iceland, Brazil and Slovenia for 2015.

Returning travelers not only share their AdventureWomen experiences with family and friends, they also provide recommendations to the women they travel with.

“We always talk to women on the trips, asking where they have been; then we recommend [certain] trips if they are planned,” says Cynthia Katsapetses, who has traveled all over the world with AdventureWomen.

When women travel with AdventureWomen, they discover what owner Susan Eckert learned on some of her first expeditions – the exhilaration of achievement as one stretches themselves beyond their boundaries, and the joy of camaraderie and spontaneous laughter as one learns new things about themselves, their companions and the world.

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