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Watertown, MA–February 22, 2024

Help us support all the women-owned and operated businesses this International Women’s Day, March 8! 

AdventureWomen, a women-owned and operated small group travel company, was founded out of a passion for showing women the transformational power of travel; the ways in which our relationships with our fellow travelers evolve; how our worldview changes; and how our empathy and understanding of other cultures expands and deepens. The women-to-women touch points included in our itineraries are one way we hope our guests can bridge cultural boundaries and find “common cause” with women living a world away. 

Here are a few of the local women we support on our trips. 


Our groups in Morocco meet the women who are part of Cherry Buttons Cooperative. Culturally, the Cherry Buttons Cooperative broke new ground in traditionally male-dominated business environment, allowing women for the first time to negotiate the price of their products, determine the value of their labor, and manage a growing enterprise.  


In Tanzania, our groups visit the Enjipai Women’s Group. “Enjipai” means happiness in the old Maasai language and the objective of the group is to help improve the living conditions of the Maasai community in Tanzania, particularly among women, by showcasing their authentic and unique, hand-crafted jewelry, leatherwork and accessories. Every piece of their work is one of a kind and tells a story about the artist. 


During a lunch in Japan, our groups are joined by a Maiko, an apprentice Geisha! Adorned in vibrant and elaborate attire, these women master various traditional Japanese arts. This extraordinary encounter is rare, as most introductions to Geishas occur solely through personal connections. 


In Peru, AdventureWomen meet with a female founder of the Aquelarre (The Coven).The Coven is a brand of botanical brews of herbal potions and magic teas. Our group steps into her cozy home and learns how each extraordinary plant is chosen based on a blend of scientific knowledge and ancestral traditions. Together, our group crafts a sacred smudge stick, channeling healing energies and positive intentions. 



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AdventureWomen is proudly women-owned and operated since 1982. We offer dynamic explorations brimming with empowerment and discovery. Each adventure includes meaningful encounters with local women driven by our unwavering belief in the value of women-to-women cultural experiences. Our trips all over the world transform strangers into a family of friends transcending boundaries.